Tuesday, July 31, 2007


What a great cook my son Ben is. He has thus far made for my friend Will and I mushroom/leek soup and a pasta puttanesca...both delicious.

We walked our legs off in downtown Seattle yesterday and found fun places to see and to eat. I had never seen the Waterfall Park in Pioneer Square before and was happily surprised to discover it. It is a shady, cool, huge water fall around which seats and randomly placed tables rest in languid coolness. People bring their bagged lunches there to eat in this lovely, restful spot.

It has been fun simply being here and experiencing the area yet again. Today Will and I plan on a trip to the local farmer's market and then a lengthy stroll through the Bellevue Botanical gardens as Ben and Rebecca have taken off on their own...which is just as it should be.

I gotta say a couple of things about yesterday's post, however. A part of me really wants to be home to get my air conditioner repaired because I can't stand things not being right AND because Paul is caring for my kitty and I think it might be hard on him to be doing this and trying to move into his new house...oh well, oh well. It'll just have to sit until it can be fixed.

I also said that I know that someone is seeking me (in a romantic sense)...well, I'd had a bit of Prosecco and was feeling it's effects and wrote with abandon. I want to clarify that eventhough I feel strongly that there is a romantic connection coming up for me, it's not that I have any inkling as to who this person might be but that something in me has been awakened and now, finally!!, I am ready to find that man, whoever he might be. I no longer carry crap from the past that kept me from looking into the eyes of someone who presented himself. Until recently my ability to accept any of the men that I dated just was not there, I was mired in the past. Now I am not. Now I am ready to see that fine fellow, whoever he may be.

So, in case you are intrested in my love life (which I am pretty sure that you are not) that's the scoop. Be happy for me. Be very, very happy. 'Cause now I know I am open to love happening...it's a swell thing.

My thanks go out to the universe for this wonderful change in my heart and for the blessing of a safe trip out here and for good friends.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Seattle...ahhh....it is a paradise in so many way. Open minded people, wonderful weather, blue skies in summer, hip restaurants and hot spots, etc. etc. Need I say more?

I am loving Seattle. I am having a great time exploring the things I don't know about and showing the people I love the things I do know about...so far, inconsequential and even bad things...like Top Pot Donuts and the healthy goodness of Essential Baking Company. But, of course they will find their own way on their own adventure. I can only tell them what inspired and excited me but they must find their own adventures.

It's good 'cause I want the adventure of being back in St. Louis...whatever that is. I just feel so strongly that someone is coming into my life that will be instrumental in showing me things I don't yet know about. I don't know who this person might be but I know he is there waiting to find me..it's a happy thought, if somewhat scary, too. I don't even know who he might be but I feel he will be a powerful presence.

My AC went out at my house in St.Lou and that means big money to spend to fix it. Drat, drat, drat! If you know a good AC/heating/cooling person, let me know.

So, yes, I am having a great time and yes, I miss the ordinariness of my everyday existence in St. Louis.

So, to all, thanks for reading and St. Louis Rocks!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yet another day of long driving. But one of beauty. Lots of green pastures interspersed with bright yellow. I think it is yellow for not the best of reasons...South Dakota is in severe drought. It was, however, beautiful.

When I saw Mount Rushmore I can only say that I was utterly shocked. I had thought of this monument as huge...but no, it seemed to me to be teeny. Well, not really teeny but a dang site smaller than I thought it would be.

The road between the monument and the lovely city of Deadwood was swe-e-e-t! Pines and beautiful lakes. Lovely!

Then a big drive, drive, drive...and here we are in Buffalo, Wyoming. The motel is clean, relaxing and comfortable.

A lovely time...wish you all were here. Well, maybe not, it might be a bit crowded.

And in watching the news as I've been writing my blog, guess what?? For the first time in a very long time, this area is expecting rain tonight...hooray! Maybe we brought the rain along : )

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


After driving for hours...or was it days...I don't know. But anyway today felt long both time-wise and mileage.

Finally, however, we've come upon a lovely little town in a sweet river valley. As you top a hill on I-90 there appears a vision in front of you. A long distance view of smallish mountains, a vast river valley and perhaps a hint of a tiny town. So picturesque.

So, tonight my daughter-in-law and I drove into town to obtain a bottle of red wine. We chose Fish Eye Cabernet Savignon. For six bucks, it was mighty good. We've gone for a brief swim and now Ben and Rebecca are off to see the town on their own and I remain alone, here in the motel room dog-sitting. And, in fact, wishing I had someone to explore this nice little burg with.
But honestly, as tired as I am (did not sleep worth a darn last night), I am thankful for some alone time in the room to do whatever...watch tv, dream, plan my next spell, fall gently asleep. It's nice.

If you travel west on 0n 90, you must visit Chamberlain, SD...oh, and let me know what you think.

Later then....

Monday, July 23, 2007


I can't believe it...I said I was gonna stay put for awhile after the Hamptons thing but it seemed like a good thing to help my kids move to Seattle.

First day sure seemed long, however. Driving, driving. Road weary. I am tired tonight. I guess that's why I'm not so up about this night. I am lying in bed wishing to be somewhere I'm not. Wishing to be with someone I'm not. Oh, it's not that Ben and Rebecca aren't just wonderful and I'm sure I'll get out of this particular funk as the road smooths out the frayed edges of my thinking, it's just that right now, tonight, it would feel so nice to be sleeping with more than a pillow. It's really hard to talk a pillow into putting it's arms around you...oh, I guess it doesn't have any arms...well.

As they say, it is what it is and that's all. Really it's all good, all OK. Tonight I am just tired...tired and unsure and tending to look back rather than forward. It's a damn good thing that I am basically an ottimista rather than a pessimista.
I'll come 'round to feeling good. I trust. I believe.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


First, I had three little sweet hours with a friend today. It has left my lips in a perpetual smile. Nice to have people that make you feel that way.

Well, I shall be leaving Monday to assist my son and daughter in law in their move to the Northwest...Seattle or maybe Portland. I'm thinking that whichever city they are drawn to will be lucky to get them.
I'll make it a little vacation for myself with a good friend while there.

My plan is to arrive back in town on Aug 10th....rather late-ish in the afternoon. It just so happens that Gillian Welch is playing at Blueberry Hill that same evening. I screwed around too long, trying to discover when I'd be returning from my trip, and when I went to purchase tickets...dang! all gone. She is my favorite, favorite, favorite. Needless to say, I'm crushed that I have not been able to get a ticket.

So I posted on Craigs list (where one is supposed to be able to get just about anything one wants) begging, literally begging for a ticket. Thus far, no luck. I still have my fingers crossed. If you read my blog and you have some access to a ticket...pleeeeze let me know and I will purchase it from you.

Maybe you bought tickets and find you cannot go. Maybe your best gal or guy went and run off with somebody and now you are left with a spare ticket. Maybe the boss says you've gotta work really late that day. Maybe you suddenly have to be out of town and can't go yourself. Maybe anything...

No strings attached, I just want to buy your ticket, you know, the one you want to get rid of.

If you, dear reader, or anyone you know has one and I am able to get it, I will be forever grateful to you.


On Saturday, July 28 from 7 to 11 pm there will be "an evening of delectable food, art and entertainment to benefit Slow Food St. Louis."

This event sounds to me like loads of fun and it is to be had for a mere 20 bucks in advance or 30 at the door.

It's happening at Mad Art Gallery 2727 S. 12th St. Tickets are available there or online at: artoffood.org. Check it out. I know it'll be fun and it supports a great organization.

I plan on being out of town that day helping my son and daughter in law to move to the Seattle/Portland area. If I was home however, I'd be going.