Monday, July 30, 2007

IT SURELY IS A PARADISE is a paradise in so many way. Open minded people, wonderful weather, blue skies in summer, hip restaurants and hot spots, etc. etc. Need I say more?

I am loving Seattle. I am having a great time exploring the things I don't know about and showing the people I love the things I do know far, inconsequential and even bad Top Pot Donuts and the healthy goodness of Essential Baking Company. But, of course they will find their own way on their own adventure. I can only tell them what inspired and excited me but they must find their own adventures.

It's good 'cause I want the adventure of being back in St. Louis...whatever that is. I just feel so strongly that someone is coming into my life that will be instrumental in showing me things I don't yet know about. I don't know who this person might be but I know he is there waiting to find's a happy thought, if somewhat scary, too. I don't even know who he might be but I feel he will be a powerful presence.

My AC went out at my house in St.Lou and that means big money to spend to fix it. Drat, drat, drat! If you know a good AC/heating/cooling person, let me know.

So, yes, I am having a great time and yes, I miss the ordinariness of my everyday existence in St. Louis.

So, to all, thanks for reading and St. Louis Rocks!!


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