Tuesday, July 24, 2007


After driving for hours...or was it days...I don't know. But anyway today felt long both time-wise and mileage.

Finally, however, we've come upon a lovely little town in a sweet river valley. As you top a hill on I-90 there appears a vision in front of you. A long distance view of smallish mountains, a vast river valley and perhaps a hint of a tiny town. So picturesque.

So, tonight my daughter-in-law and I drove into town to obtain a bottle of red wine. We chose Fish Eye Cabernet Savignon. For six bucks, it was mighty good. We've gone for a brief swim and now Ben and Rebecca are off to see the town on their own and I remain alone, here in the motel room dog-sitting. And, in fact, wishing I had someone to explore this nice little burg with.
But honestly, as tired as I am (did not sleep worth a darn last night), I am thankful for some alone time in the room to do whatever...watch tv, dream, plan my next spell, fall gently asleep. It's nice.

If you travel west on 0n 90, you must visit Chamberlain, SD...oh, and let me know what you think.

Later then....


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