Sunday, May 27, 2007


OK, so here I am and I am not so sure that this is the paradise that many claim. I have to admit that I loved the drive here...all the states I've passed through. Illinois went by in a flash. Indiana is nearly forgotten. Pennsylvania was beautifully rural. The snippet of West Virginia was the same. New York was rural as well but I could not concentrate on it because I was transfixed on finding the correct road to make it out to Long Island.
After driving through the bowels of Brooklyn I was happy to find a Long Island Visitors Bureau. They set me on the path to Sagaponack and now here I am. I've been here for 4 and a half days and what I've seen is lots of symbols of many BMW's, Mercedes and even a this my kinda place??

I've also seen cute little bakeries, shops, high end clothing boutiques, and many expensive restaurants. I've seen gas at 3.39 per gallon. I've seen farm stands being overwhelmed by the most horrendous McMansions you've ever laid eyes on. I've seen old, old trees...maples of some sort and elms. I've seen 15 ft tall privet hedges surrounding many, many of the houses. There has been a lot to see.

Honestly, I think I would have loved Eastern Long Island about 50 years ago but today it's almost more than I can take in.

I look forward to actually driving around to many of the villages and sea side attractions in the days to come.

Mostly, I am going to decide in the next couple of weeks if this is a place I can feel comfortable in. Natural beauty abounds...and traffic jams abound with bumper to bumper high dollar cars crowding each other for the next parking spot closest to the next cool boutique. Hmmmm....we'll see.


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