Monday, June 26, 2006

Phone Numbers?

Trying to get acquainted with others can be daunting at times. He calls, you call, he calls, he calls again and wants you to call him back but...he leaves no phone number. Perhaps he thinks that you've written it down in a place of great safety and with concern that it never be lost. Maybe he thinks that you've memorized it...hmmm...
Maybe he thinks that every human on the face of the earth has caller ID (I don't).
Maybe he thinks you did not misplace a business card what with all the selling the house stuff going on.
He's made an awful lot of assumptions. Oh's probably best anyway...I don't think he and she had that much in common. One down and millions to go, huh?

Now that that's off my chest...

About food...since I've been getting ready to sell the house, I've had to put away from the sight of human eyes anything that a potential buyer wouldn't have seen in last week's home and garden magazine. So, since I cannot have my dehydrator or my blender or my processor out, I haven't been able to make my fabulous raw wiggly crackers and cookies. So, I am unsatisfied. I long for the fruity, leathery bite of one. I want to be able to set up all my raw food stuff again so I can "cook" the way that makes me feel happy and feel good.

I've big plans for the next kitchen I live in. All set up for exactly the type of food I love...stay tuned. When I find it, buy it and set it up, I'll post a photo.



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