Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Noodle House and Etc.

I've gotta start being more careful about picking up 2-go menus because I really liked this restaurant I ate at yesterday and don't have the exact address.

But if you are a St. Louisan you'll know where it is when I tell you some landmarks. It is on Delmar just east of Skinker almost directly across from the Pageant.

I enjoyed a tofu/veggie dish and my friend had a broccoli in garlic sauce. The price was right, the taste was yummy and the service was quick and friendly. That about does it. Perfect lunch place for a vegetarian. So go there, OK?

By the way, my column in The Healthy Planet is going to be just a brief mention of three of the restaurants I've eaten at in the last couple of months. Give the March issue a look-see.

I just visited this amazing blog called Vegan Lunchbox. Wow! What a lovely job this person is doing in presenting vegan lunches for her little one. Great blog!

I will be telling you a bit about my new job pretty soon. Yes, still in the world of food.


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