Monday, February 13, 2006

MoMo...nice place, huh.

I met with a few friends on Friday night at Momos. Momos is a very sweet place to eat and meet just off Delmar on North and South.
When I walked in, the place was explosive with energy. You don't often see that in smallish restaurants. But what energy was happening there. Wow!

There are several areas to sit and wait for your table. There are several areas to dine in...private rooms with sexy curtains, tables, the bar. Nice!

Then there's the food. It is a little like Spanish Tapas but only Greekish. They are called Mezze plates and they are both hot and cold. Oh, and delicious.

There are lots of stuff for veggies. I had the roasted potatoes with lemon and herbs and I so-o-o enjoyed the spinach salad with walnuts and believe it or not, figs. Oh was it good.

I liked their wine list and enjoyed some very nice wine.

Then there is the belly dancer. She was not only gorgeous but was very personable and tried hard to get people to join in with their own version of belly dancing...I declined.

The fireplace, the ambiance and the energy made this wonderful place a "must come again" find.

Thanks to my friends for turning me on to this lovely place.

If you go, let me know what you think, OK?


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