Sunday, January 29, 2006

Thai Burree

Last night I went to try a new Thai restaurant, Thai Bu-ree, with a new friend. Both were lovely.
This little place is a fairly recent addition to our general area's restaurant scene, I believe.
It is out in the 'burbs in a strip mall at 141 and Olive.

The decor is simple but pleasant with a wonderful rich red adorning the walls and a few Thai carvings here and there. The Thai figures that greet you as you enter, immediately set the scene for a peaceful and relaxing dining experience.

The servers were polite and sweet, even. I think the prevailing thought is that the Thai culture is a culture filled with joy. It nearly always seems that the Thai people that I have met have been kind, polite and deeply joyful in a quiet way. Maybe I'm putting these characteristics on them but it is my take anyway.

The Thai spring rolls were not the best I've ever had but the green curry was really, really good. I didn't drink anything because I am still on this cleanse and don't want to drink until it is over but, like Indian restaurants, I don't think there is ever much really good wine in ethnic restaurants.

Dining out is always something that is so much more enjoyable with a pleasant companion and indeed, my companion made my dining experience all the nicer.

If you visit Thai Burree let me know what you think.


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