Friday, January 13, 2006

Diet Plate??

I have a couple of things to tell you about but am so rushed this morning that I am gonna stick with the Diet Plate.

The diet plate is a fascinating way to watch the portion sizes of the foods you take in. Most folks just are not aware of how much actual quantity of food they are eating. Most of us eat way too much...even if we are eating healthy.

Eating too much of anything is not good, no matter how healthy you feel that it is.
Watching the size of your portions and stopping while still a little hungry is something that takes only a little training to get used to. Stuffing yourself to discomfort is no great shakes...anyone can do it if there is enough food around.

This diet plate system is so cool. There is a plate for men and women, slightly different, a bowl and a children's bowl, too. It's never too early to help kids avoid the obesity that is becoming all too prevalent in American kids.

The dishes are made of fine china and were invented by a woman in England and they are nicely designed. They show you just how much you should put on your plate of each type of food...grain, veggie, etc. It is almost like a little game and it is fun to become aware of just how much more than an actual portion I wanted. The more often I use it, the smaller portions I actually eat.

Pretty cool! Visit their website and tell me what you think.


At 11:06 AM , Anonymous Lily Bleu said...

What would the website be?

At 1:03 PM , Blogger Lois Brady said...

Sorry for not putting that link in my last post...Look to the side and find links and then you'll see Diet Plate there. Sorry : (


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