Thursday, January 05, 2006

Early Spring Cleaning

In the next week to ten days, I will be doing a cleanse. What's a cleanse, you might wonder?

In the course of living our lives, toxins build up in our bodies from several sources...the food we eat which may contain pesticides, artificial ingredients and a bunch of other junk, the air we breathe which is polluted with seen and unseen particles that sneak into our lungs carrying all kinds of bad crap and additionally the stresses, both emotional and mental, that accost us daily.

These toxins can be dealt with pretty well by these miraculous body- machines that we've been given. However, the more we take in toxins and the more they build up, the less able our bodies are to get rid of them; leading to tiredness, frequent colds, lethargy, fatigue, poor digestion and a host of other even nastier ailments.

Cleansing is using herbs, fiber products and various cleansing ingredients to assist our bodies in effectively dealing with and getting rid of the built-up junk.

There are many products on the market, some taking several weeks and drastic changes in your diet as well as lots of ch-ching from your coin purse. There are also shorter term, fewer dietary changes (depending on how much junk you regularly suck down) and considerably less expensive cleansing programs.

Just about any natural foods store worth it's sea salt can set you up with one.

Mine is going to be a medium duty one lasting about 2 weeks. During that time I will be giving up a few of my favorite hoo...I'll be giving up wine, green tea, coffee and my beloved whole wheat bread...Oh, God, can I make it? Oh, yeah, I probably can. I'm sure the discipline alone will be good for me.

So, lets get together and tip a few before I start this cleanse. You bring the tea, coffee and bread and I'll do the wine.

Here's a toast to a good total body cleanse a couple of times a year! A sante!


At 9:24 PM , Blogger jeanjoel said...

Yeah! I hear you. I've gainned quite a few pounds of non-digestable foods from the holiday fest.
I found that I can't really go wrong with raw food. I believe that if I can give my body the "raw material", it will find a way to regulate itself. It will find a way to release all sorts of toxins. I noticed that it takes my body about 4 to 5 days to flush out most of the toxins.

I'm glad you have this blog, Lois.
I think it's a great way to share, and, with a couple of clicks on my keyboard, I can see a trace of you and know that you're here.


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