Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Whole Grains Council

There is such a wonderful website that I wanted to make you aware of. It is the Whole Grains Council.

This organization is committed to encouraging all kinds of food manufacturers to use more and more whole grain. There is a list of companies who use whole grains and lots of other information regarding the use of whole grains.

What many do not realize is that the more one uses whole grains in one's diet, the less one has to think about becoming overweight. That is a bit of a simplistic statement. It takes portion control, using whole foods including whole grains and getting sufficient exercise to stay at a weight that feels comfortable and does not lead to all the problems that obesity can cause.

My favorite, favorite, favorite cracker is made by a company called Dr. Kracker. It is just the best, most delicious cracker ever! I get it either at the Natural Way or at Whole Foods.

My dinner this fine evening consisted of a piece of goat cheese the size of a butane lighter (somehow, that image cracks me up), a seeded Dr Kracker cracker, 6-8 celery sticks and 2 small oven-fried potatoes and was just what the doctor ordered. So yummy! So satisfying!

Eating more naturally can just feel good. It feels like I am taking care of my body instead of eating junk that tears my body down. That feels great. What I do work on constantly is portion size.

Our society fairly yells, "EAT! and by God when you eat, eat big." It is just the biggest crock of crap that has ever been perpetrated. When a society is prosperous and food is abundant, portion sizes become enormous. Satisfaction with our meals is not increased by the amount of food you eat but the quality of the food.

Practice staying a little hungry. Let yourself feel what it feels like to be slightly hungry...just slightly.

As you practice thinking differently about food, remember to eat healthy, high quality food and have fun doing it.


At 8:49 AM , Blogger Urban Review - St. Louis said...

I don't think I understand "oven-fried potatoes", what does that mean. More detail please!


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