Sunday, January 22, 2006

Indian Delight

The other evening, I met a group of interesting women at a restaurant at Mckelvey and Dorsett called Priyaa. Now I thought I had been to all the good Indian eateries in the St. Louis area but was I mistaken!!

There are many different dishes are on their menu and I chose the Dosa, at least I think that was it's name but since I didn't bring home a menu maybe it is spelled slightly differently. It is huge and came hanging over the plate by several inches on either side. It is a crispy sort of a crepe/wrap filled with veggies and wonderful flavors. It was served with a dal or lentil soup that was also full of flavor.

The other gals at the table ordered up all kinds of other dishes...some not vegetarian so I admit I didn't pay much attention to what they ate. However, another vegetarian woman was sitting on my left and she ordered some kind of veggie curry that I tasted. So good!

The galub jamun which are rosewater balls, I know, sounds crazy, tastes wonderfully exotic, were some of the best I've tried...kind of cakey and mildly sweet soaked in a rosewater scented honey.

Even the wine, which it seems can never be counted on at an Indian Restaurant, was basic and good and cheap. I think it was Robert Mondavi and was only 3 bucks a glass!

The menu is so extensive that I am not going to bother even listing anything. Just go. There are many options for vegetarians, which always excites me and of course, all kinds of deceased animals for those of you who dig that sort of thing.

I don't live anywhere near where Priyaa is but I will be dining there again, I'm sure because the whole experience was good. The service was very nice and efficient, the people were sweet and the food was just great.

So just can get out the 'burbs once in a while, huh? Especially for food this good!


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