Sunday, January 15, 2006

Soon Chocolate Will Be Purchased In Huge Quantities

Why? Well, because it'll be Valentines Day and maybe people purchase it for the men or women in their lives cause they think it'll get them in the mood for love. Probably will with all those antioxidants and caffeine-like constituents. But whatever, I say buy it for not only your lover but for yourself...just don't eat carloads of it.

Savoring a small piece of high quality, wonderful dark chocolate questions the need for a lover anyway. It is stunningly satisfying. Am I giving away my single status? Oh well.

What chocolate do I love? I love Green & Black's Organic Dark with 70% cocoa rich and sumptuous. I also appreciate our local Bissinger's. They have stepped up to the chocolate plate with excellent dark chocolate.

I love the Chocolove bars for the packaging if nothing else. However, it is pretty darn good, too.

You may be familiar with all the commercial ones like Godiva and Hersheys, as well as all the other "gourmet" varieties. I'm not sold on Godiva even though it empties out your wallet. Sometimes, really, expensive doesn't mean excellent. That's what I've found, anyway.

Check out Wild Oats, Whole Foods or Straubs to drool over the fine chocolates they have. Buying one for someone or for yourself can be such a treat and eating it in small, delicious bits makes it pretty affordable.

Go on. Eat some chocolate. It'll make you smile...maybe.


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