Friday, January 13, 2006

Saturday Ritual

Please give my other blog, Curious Vagabond, a look see. I just posted about my Roswell adventure of a few months ago.

Now for Saturday. I drift off to sleep on Friday nights usually with thoughts of Northwest coffee and a tasty croissant jumping through my mind. It is something I have done now for well over a year and I still have not tired of it. Am I in a rut?

I love the smell and taste of the coffee, the flakiness and mild sweetness of the croissant, my relative anonymity to sit and do what I want, the Saturday paper, the bustling groups that come and go in waves and then my shopping trip to my favorite thrift store to ferret out the bargains. I'm humming and smiling now just thinking about it. It just all delights me...what can I say, I'm easy.

What do you do on Saturday morning?


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