Saturday, January 28, 2006

Beginning Second Week...

Coming up on the second week of my cleanse and feel great. This cleanse has been the easiest that I have ever done. Of course, it is not a heavy duty cleanse like for instance, the Arise and Shine Cleanse.

There are as many theories on cleanses as there are manufacturers, practically. Everything from regular doctors who basically think the body cleanses itself and no outside help is needed to alternative people who think you can only cleanse if you are fasting, drinking gallons of water and throwing down cups and cups of mucilagenous (sp?) liquids and ingesting cartloads of pills. Then there are all the shades of grey in between.

I urge anyone interested in a cleanse (and that should be just about everyone) to explore and examine several strategies for cleansing and make up your own mind about it. There are many books for sale and articles on the net about the subject.

I think that if you are very new to the process it is best to stick with a boxed cleansing program that is relatively easy to do. If you get discouraged with your first cleanse, you may not want to try again. By starting easy, you may get enough results such as feeling less tired, losing weight, clearer skin, less mental fogginess, that you'll go on to delve a bit more deeply into cleansing...thus obtaining even better results and a deeper level of health.

Happy trails on the cleansing road.


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