Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What's A Cleanse?

When I tell people that I am doing a cleanse the first thing they ask me is, "what's a cleanse?" Well, a cleanse is, in it's simplest terms, a way to clean the accumulated debris out of your body.

There are probably dozens of different products on the market, easily attainable from any good natural foods store. I try to do a cleanse a couple of times a year but a minimum of once a year. So, why should people do a cleanse? Unless you eat a diet as clean as a new penny, you accumulate toxic, lets say...material...in your body. It is in your colon, your liver and many other parts of your body. It causes your body's systems to operate not as efficiently as they might were they clear of this debris.

The one I'm doing is made by Enzymatic Therapy and it is called Whole Body Cleanse. If you visit their site and select the word 'cleanse', you'll find it. It is done for two weeks and involves changing your diet a bit (or a lot, depending on what you eat), and taking a series of specially designed supplements.

During a cleanse you may feel sick. You may get a headache. You may be very tired. As the toxic material is dumped back into your bloodstream, it can feel kinda awful sometimes. When you are done, however, you feel lighter, cleaner, your thinking is clearer and you just generally have more energy that you thought you could have.

It is well worth the small inconveniences I have to go through to get to the end result. Give it a try and see how you feel.


At 1:31 PM , Anonymous Lily Bleu said...

I definitely need to do a cleanse and soon. Can you purchase the cleanse kit directly through that website?

At 6:26 AM , Blogger Lois Brady said...

You can purchase a variety of cleanses at many natural food stores including Wild Oats, Whole Foods, Natural Way and River City.
I think you can order online but if you'll visit their site you can explore that.


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