Monday, February 06, 2006

Wine, Port and Beer's been over two weeks since any alcohol has passed my lips. Tonight is the first night that I am finished with my cleanse and I decided to have a glass of wine. Oh, how I've missed the taste of wine. When I finished that, I went on to a bottle of port that I got as a gift.

Ah...the taste of port, the gluey, warm, sweet, lovely taste of port. It was all so good. I guess I'm am saying that I loved being without all those vices during my cleanse AND I love having warm, sensuous tea and lovely wine and sweet, luscious port after the cleanse.

It's all about balance, I guess, isn't it? Too much tea and you are jittery. Too much wine and you're tipsy. Too much port and you are inundated with sweetness.

Don't let that happen. Have just enough that you can keep a perspective balance. All those vices are great...But only in small doses.

Ciao, bella e bello


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