Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I guess it has started...the hot, humidity-filled, bright days that define a St. Louis summer. I like it. Hot and humid is always better for me than hot and Arizona is out of the question for year-round living. I say if you're gonna be hot, might as well sweat.

I said last time that I would tell more about my trip to McAllen, Texas. However, I am going to leave it til near fall when I hope to write an entire article about it for publication in the Healthy Planet. But if that doesn't happen, I will publish here with just a brief few lines in HP to direct readers here.

I have been eating more and more raw foods...purely out of desire. I am not sure why they appeal to me so much but when I go to work at Bowood Farms I always bring something like a cuke, tomato, 1/2 avocado and some dried fruit leather things I make and I feel much more satisfied and energetic all afternoon.

This job is one that has activities that many people pay for. Just think, I'm getting a good tan, building up my muscles and losing weight and they pay me...pretty good gig. Actually I love everything about my job at this wonderful place except the hours. The day is really too long for me. I do my best work when I work about 7 hours a day. When it gets up to 9 I'm pretty worthless.

What else? Lets see, I am truly enjoying the Scottish Arms Restaurant, as I mentioned in my last post. It is a relaxed, beer-ful place with decent food and a fishbowl back area to sit out and eat in. I love that feeling of a group of strangers eating together in an enclosed space.

So, I am presently planning a couple of future events that will be big changes for me. I am interested in selling my house in Brentwood. I am interested in hiring someone to do some work on my little cottage so I can possibly move there (or purchasing a different house) and I am toying with planning a trip to see my friend Halla in England when the summer slows down the Bowood Farms work...if the gas prices don't keep me totally out of the market. It may be so expensive to fly that I might not be able to do so.

Got an anonymous post from someone who said maybe the restaurant, Bastante, might be opening in another incarnation. I wish that this person was not anonymous and I wish I knew more. So....tell me, tell me.

Had a nice evening with new friend, Tom, and old friend Paul and his wonderful children. We drank cool drinks, had noodle-y veggie dish and laughed. What could be better, huh?

So, catch you later.


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