Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Items of minor interest, perhaps

Well, I have been a busy lass since my last post. I have traveled to Texas/Mexico for a wonderful trip. Actually, birdwatching in McAllen. I have never before enjoyed birdwatching as much as I did there. Why? Because my guides kindly allowed me to use their very high powered, very good quality binoculars. Wow! More on this later, really.

So sad to see that Bastante has shut down. I don't know the circumstances that caused this very sweet, family-run business to shut down but shut it is...bummer.

I have been enjoying the outdoor garden at the Scottish Arms Restaurant/Bar on Sarah just off Forest Park. Cool little place with great dark Scottish beers on tap.

I am working part-time at Bowood Farms plant nursery, the gorgeous, family-run, plantplace that has just opened in the CWE and having a great time. Still have my column in the Healthy Planet...until JB says "go away". I am going to write an entire column about Bowood farms since there is so much to tell.

Brought home fresh Mexican avocados and handmade corn tortillas...but as I said, more later on my visit to McAllen.

Til next time...thanks for reading and I hope I get to it a little sooner next time.


At 2:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear tell that the guy who ran Bastante is looking into opening a new place elsewhere in town...


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