Thursday, April 20, 2006

Raw Foods Recipes?

Below you will find a number of "recipes" that my friend Jim sends me...exactly the way he sends them.

you whip up the celery and whatever seasonings and then add enough flax meal to make the mix pretty stiff and ready to use or if not add more meal or put in refrig overnight.....if you soak flax just use enough water to cover should totally absorb the water.
(Or...cut up about three cups celery into small chunks, blend in heavy duty blender with Italian or other seasonings then add enough ground flax meal, which you can grind yourself from whole flax seeds in a coffee mill, to make a stiff paste and dehydrate in a good food dehydrator.)
Actually here is one I've tried and really enjoyed...not a Jim one.
Obtain a couple of lovely zucchini and with a potato peeler, make many strips (this is your "pasta"). Lightly salt the strips to soften them. In your blender blend cashews that you've soaked overnight along with some Italian seasonings, couple of garlic cloves, tamari, a bit of water and a tablespoon of oil. This creates a creamy sauce. Chop a couple of ripe tomatoes, a handful of basil leaves and very thinly slice a half red onion. To compose, place zucchini strips in a bowl and grind a little black pepper on top. Pour creamy sauce on top then toss the basil, tomatoes and sliced red onions in and eat it up. Yum!

Here's a spread for celery that I've used on dehydrator-made kale crackers...also not a Jim recipe...however the idea for the crackers is.

Place a tablespoon of white miso, 2 tablespoon raw tahini, and 1/2 avocado. Mix all together with a bit of tamari, spread into celery stix and sprinkle with home made gomasio (toasted sesame seeds and salt).
Makes a good lunch.

Hey, I'm not trying to be 100% raw or 100% anything...I'm lucky that I can keep my life in some semblance of order so these "recipes" may be all raw or they may use accordingly to your own rigid or flexible standards.

More Jim recipes as he sends my way.


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