Friday, July 14, 2006


Not food stuff this time, to be sure, but maybe what feeds the soul.

When we surround ourselves with people who criticize us or put us down or give a complement and then subtly take it back, our souls feel un-nourished.

We each have to choose to "eat the best food for our soul" by surrounding ourselves with people who truly do nourish us. Ask yourself this: Are you in a relationship or around people who upon taking leave of them, you walk away feeling "less" or do you leave with the warmth of feeling "more"? If you feel less then your soul is not getting the food it needs when you are interacting with that person.

No matter how much we wish that certain people in our lives nourished us, sometimes we just have to accept that the food they give us is deleterious to the health of our souls and we must take our leave, while upon our lips and deep in our hearts we are wishing the person the most happiness, joy and love that life can bestow. And we have to mean it...

I do.

Be sure that the beautiful and wonderful people in your life feed you nourishment and not sickness. Take steps to change what is not working.


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