Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My 59th birthday just crept upon me April 5th and I wonder how did it happen?? Hmmm...as I begin to live the year of my 59th revolution on the planet, I have a few questions.

Why is it that I seem to be eating better and better yet don't feel better and better. Oh, not that I feel bad at all but I kinda think that as my dietary intake continues to improve, I should feel even better. But that is not happening. In fact, I am noticing little aches that I never noticed before. I guess there's more tweaking to be done dietarily.

Why is it that the more physically active I am the less well I sleep? I have always heard that if you really worked hard to tire yourself out, you'd sleep like a baby. It hasn't been true for me. The harder I work, the more I am revved up at bedtime with more energy than anyone should have a 11 pm...hmmm.

Why is it that I can just look at one simple tulip in my garden and feel so damn happy? I thought as one grew older, one may become more depressed and blue. And I guess I can say that as I've gotten older I do feel more reflective, I guess that's what I could call it. Not depressed, however. Simply thoughtful and reflective about what does it mean being alive on this big old planet.

Maybe this particular baby boomer really is starting to understand that youth is not forever, unwrinkled skin is not a given, changes really do happen that in some way diminish one. I can hear it now from all the "spiritual" folks. "Be positive, think on the good, don't give in to negativity." Well, lets face it folks. Each and every one of us is going to die and that's that. Each and every one of us will (if we are lucky) grow old. Youth is not forever, despite what some baby boomers might hope and think. There need not be anything awful about that. It just is.

I think I agree with Andrew Weil, M.D. in his book, "Healthy Aging" that the goal need not be anti-aging but healthfully, gracefully aging...working to maintain your healthy body, mind and spirit until you no longer grace the face of this earth.

That seems a tad more balanced to me than loading up with anti-aging devices, pills and potions of every kind.

I don't like the whole term "anti-aging". It's like saying that aging is bad and we should do everything we can to avoid it. What craziness!! We should be doing everything we can throughout our lives, beginning as young as possible, to age well, to age healthfully, to keep our physical, mental and spiritual being in tact to serve as mentors and elders to a generation coming up who is innundated with messages of youth and beauty and how that's all there is. Don't listen. It's not true.

Relax. Let it be. Do what you can. Care for yourself. Enjoy each moment.


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