Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I am sitting in front of a Best Western motel to do this post because my cheapy (but very clean and nice) motel does not have access...so I am stealing ie: borrowing the bigger hotels access. Thanks!

So I drove hours today and have ended up in a sweet little motel in a horrific little town filled with fast food, junky souvenirs and bigh trucks. It is right on the Pennsylvania Turnpike which I have managed to avoid by taking routes 30 and 31...I passed right by Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water...it was a mere 17 miles down a country road but it was 3:30 and they closed at 4:00 pm. Big bummer. I really wanted to go see it...oh well, maybe another time.

This morning had me awakening in the town of Richmond, IN and going to a lovely little coffee shop called Sacred Grounds. Just what I wanted. Nice coffee. I even ate there last evening; very good salad, soup and glass of good wine. What else could one ask for.

I stopped for lunch in Wheeling, WV. Highway 70 is blocked there and it routes through town. I had a typical Pennsylvania Dutch dish, Pierogi, those little potato, cheese filled pillows drenched in an olive oil, green pepper, onion-y broth. Pretty good. Lots of lovely buildings in Wheeling

Tonight for dinner: the remainder of the pierogis, a bottle of Blue Moon Brewery White ale, a haphazard salad purchased (to the consternation and much head shaking by staff) at Subway. That is a new one for me. I had the Veggie Delight Sandwich, bread on the side with lots of additional veggies. They didn't know what to make of me and just wanted me out of the place I think, so they gave me what I wanted.
Since it is still light, I came to write this missive. Now home to my little motel, The Wiltshire, for a little HGTV and some shut eye.

By the way, though, I have noticed wonderful purple/lilac/mauve wildflowers on the side of the road...tall and stately with the flowers in a bunch at the top...I guess thats kinda the way flowers are. Oh well, you might guess that I am tired, no, not tired, bushed after my long drive but I look forward to tomorrow's third leg of the journey. I am hopeful that I can get into New York tomorrow and out to Sagaponack in The Hamptons by late afternoon. Anyone know what those flowers are?

Have been listening to books on tape. Being absorbed in a story just makes the miles fly by.


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