Thursday, July 19, 2007


First, I had three little sweet hours with a friend today. It has left my lips in a perpetual smile. Nice to have people that make you feel that way.

Well, I shall be leaving Monday to assist my son and daughter in law in their move to the Northwest...Seattle or maybe Portland. I'm thinking that whichever city they are drawn to will be lucky to get them.
I'll make it a little vacation for myself with a good friend while there.

My plan is to arrive back in town on Aug 10th....rather late-ish in the afternoon. It just so happens that Gillian Welch is playing at Blueberry Hill that same evening. I screwed around too long, trying to discover when I'd be returning from my trip, and when I went to purchase tickets...dang! all gone. She is my favorite, favorite, favorite. Needless to say, I'm crushed that I have not been able to get a ticket.

So I posted on Craigs list (where one is supposed to be able to get just about anything one wants) begging, literally begging for a ticket. Thus far, no luck. I still have my fingers crossed. If you read my blog and you have some access to a ticket...pleeeeze let me know and I will purchase it from you.

Maybe you bought tickets and find you cannot go. Maybe your best gal or guy went and run off with somebody and now you are left with a spare ticket. Maybe the boss says you've gotta work really late that day. Maybe you suddenly have to be out of town and can't go yourself. Maybe anything...

No strings attached, I just want to buy your ticket, you know, the one you want to get rid of.

If you, dear reader, or anyone you know has one and I am able to get it, I will be forever grateful to you.


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