Saturday, June 23, 2007


I belong to a poetry meet-up group and our assignment this time is to write a poem using the theme "temptation." I really think this is going to be an easy one for me. Temptation is really every where, isn't it. At least in my life it is.

I'm tempted to eat more than I should. I'm tempted to have desserts when I know they are not good for me. I'm tempted to stay up very late knowing I'll feel tired the next day I'm tempted to take off for another trip somewhere..maybe around the world this time. I'm tempted to dye my hair black. I'm tempted to tell certain people exactly what I think of them. I'm tempted to spend money on renovating this tiny little cottage of mine and...

last but certainly, completely, not least is I am tempted by someone that I simply can't allow myself to be tempted by.

But the "what ifs" are delectable, succulent and tasty. That's where it'll stay...just on this side of the temptation fence. So, yep, I know just what temptation's an amazing and a dangerous feeling at the same time. To be indulged only in my mind.

Whew! I'd better get busy writing that poem...that meeting is coming up soon but first I'm gonna go watch Last Tango In Paris...I've never seen it and now might be a good time...hmmm.


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