Sunday, June 24, 2007


Sunday...a day of holiness. A day to devote to pondering deeper meanings. It's a day to think on higher things; things not of this world. It is a day to be good. So, I am. I was...I was so good.

Today shows me again that no day is like any other...each presents it's own gifts of understanding. Some days reveal something that might never have been shown before. Or a day might present some new person who opened a door for you. Or some story that lit your eyes and built a small, lovely fire in your heart.
Some days inspire glorious thoughts that might have been dormant for a long time. Some days ignite some passions that may have been forgotten. Some days make you smile and smile and smile. Some days are holy.

Like today.

I am once again reminded that I have so much and that so much is possible and I feel nothing but gratitude for these gentle reminders on this holiest of days.


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