Sunday, February 19, 2012


Look how long it's been since I've entered anything on my little blog. Good Golly!
Well, I just happened to have been so inspired by a couple of new restaurants that I have to blog away about them.

In the Central West End here in St. Louie, there is a lovely little cafe called Green Bean. There's chopped salads there that'll make you wonder why you don't eat salad every day. There's also wine and beer...special wine and beer. Just go eat there. It is a sweet, affordable place.

In Clayton there's Crushed Red. It is a casual, warm and friendly place that also has chopped salads (you choose from many ingredients) in addition to Pizza slices with your choice of ingredients. Beer and wine least I think so. I just had a salad and enjoyed it so-o-o much.

I've been really getting into chopped salads ever since last October when I visited Washington DC. There is a restaurant there called Chopped. Same concept.

So happy we St. Louis folks now have a couple of fun chopped salad places.

Go eat. Go enjoy. Go support. Local folks with lovely restaurants.


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