Friday, January 08, 2010


Before I begin this post, let me thank those who keep my spelling on the straight and narrow. Usually I'm a decent speller but thanks for that correction.

Now for this evening...I have a friend who had offered to take me out to dinner this Saturday due to something I'd done for him and drat! he has backed out due to bad weather....although I totally understand, I'm disappointed! I haven't seen him in awhile and I was looking forward to it...
ah well...maybe next week.

This weather has gotten a lot of us down, for sure. I've been out and about and am not very impacted by it but I know some folks are. Yes, my house is a bit chilly.

It's a little late I realize but here are the New Year's Resolutions I've made and intend to keep:

*I've decided that I'm going to eat even healthier than I have done in the past. I've gotten a little sloppy with my diet and my advancing age :-) hahahaha... is telling me to clean it up a bit.

*I've decided that I'm not going to be such a loner this year. I've gotten so complacent and happy, I guess, being on my own, that I've kinda shut the door on others. I'm changing that this year.

*I'm going to do at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 5-6 days a week. It could be at home, at a gym or at the mall...OMG!!..a mall walker. I think you have to have your AARP card to do this.

*I'm gonna stay put this year. My trips here and there will be kept to 2-3 weeks at a time..there will be no 8 plus weeks away from home this year.

*I am cutting my wine consumption in half. I usually have two glasses with dinner. That's being cut to 1 glass.

These are the resolutions I've made for twentyten...that's about enough, doncha think?!?


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