Monday, December 21, 2009


I've found Vom Fass, an amazing German company who issues franchises here in the US of A.
There's only 2, count 'em, 2 locations in the US. One in Madison, WI and one in little ole Maplewood. Hooray!!
Vom Fass is a sweet little shop that offers many oils, vinegars, spirits and wines for your amusement and well as the utter enjoyment of your taste buds.

I purchased even more (I was in their shop the other day and spent too much) oils and vinegars to cook with this evening...a few days before all purchases are OK and somehow the gods will pay for it all....right??

I prepared a wonderful whole grain pasta with cippolini onions, shittake mushrooms and escarole which I sprinkled with truffle oil and freshly ground pepper. Plus....
I made a salad of three greens with a sesame/ginger oil and a quince vinegar dressing.

All the vinegars and oils came from Vom Fass...located on Manchester in the heart of Maplewood.

If you love incredible, tasty vinegars, oils, infused oils, fruit vinegars and're gonna LOVE Vom Fass.

You simply must visit them in Maplewood and enjoy the wonder of great quality German imported condiments.


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