Monday, June 01, 2009


I've been friends with Halla for many years now. I just got an email from her that she is traveling solo in Spain. What fun!
I'm so glad to know she's traveling alone. It is such a joy to travel alone. Oh, it's great with someone, too. I will never forget a trip to France with an old beau. It was maddening and joyous. But alone is a whole different thing. Something everyone should try at least once.
I look forward to traveling some where different this fall/winter...don't know where yet but want it to be somewhere I've not yet been. I've had a lot of fun in Tucson but "been there, done that."
If I could find a pleasant fellow to travel with, I surely would do lieu of a fella, I'll travel with myself...and have an adventure, I'm sure.

I'm enjoying this summery hot weather today...sweating, languid and happy.


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