Sunday, February 15, 2009


Here is my choice, at least at this time.
After a lot of hours dealing with goDaddy, my website name guys, I've finally decided that instead of spending 80 bucks to get my old name back, I decided to do a new name...sort After all...I'm giving you the info. Well, not really.
I'm just giving this electronic page the info that comes from my head. Nothing too intense, just the thoughts and meanderings or a woman of "a certain age" tsk. tsk.
So, while I have no job to go to to take up my least for awhile...I'll just write. You can read it or you can ignore it. It's all OK.
How about I start this phase of my blog with a poem I've written for this ever-so-sweet weekend...for your enjoyment:

Valentine's Day Evening Song

Shadows fall harmlessly on my neighbor's still-yellow zoysia.
The place where the sky and the earth meet goes all purple and mauve-y.

My wine and cheese await me on my cheerful table.
The music I've put on
seems just right.
I eat and drink alone on this Valentine's Day eve.

I've bought myself roses and purchased supplies for an outrageous dinner tomorrow.
The menu is planned with the likes of a sumptuous pasta and fresh blackberries
dusted with grated dark chocolate. My libation will be my favorite sparkling prosecco.

I wonder...might I be more delighted sharing this with a friend?

I guess I'm not sure. I guess that's why I remain alone.
Alone and not lonely. It's a place to be. A place I could never see me

But here I am.

I go to the kitchen
Spread the silky cheese
on the crispy, brown cracker ,
look out my west-facing window
at the dark purple clouds...

and all I can come up with is this:

Ain't life grand. Ain't life grand.

End of case you did not quite catch that...and I know some of you won't.

So, there you have it. A poem to begin my new time of posting. Hope you'll comment if you feel the desire.


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