Thursday, December 27, 2007


Haven't had the best connections so haven't blogged for awhile since I got to Seattle. It's been just a wonderful visit. Usual minor niggling stuff between mom and son but no biggie.

I've been staying at Ben and Rebecca's house and having fun being around them, their little sweet dog, and their friend, Jeff who lives with least temporarily. He is a gamer and it is fascinating.

Food...let's far we've eaten at an Asian and a very good Mexican one called Plaza Garcia. Food hasn't been the focus of this trip, really. Well, one day I did visit my fav. donut shop (not that I eat enough donuts to really know), Top Pot Donuts...YUM! The best. I may try to visit once more before I leave Seattle for Phoenix.

Well, cannot post photos now due to low band speed or something. Ben says he has always had trouble uploading photos. As soon as I am able, I will post.

To all...have a lovely New Year's celebration. My daughter in law and I plan on a contra dance tonight.

Gonna try to post some photos for you of our Christmas day. I can't imagine a better gift. We ate a lovely meal, opened gifts (just a couple of thrift store offerings) and then we noticed that these huge, ragged snowflakes were drifting down. They were thick, heavy and luscious. In short order they covered everything. We went for a walk in the heaviest snow downpour I think I've ever seen.

It covered our coats, hats, eyelashes, the dog's leash, our shoestrings and literally turned the green, forested area where Ben and Rebecca live into a luminous, white wonder-place. What a truly huge surprise and delight this one day snow was.


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