Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Great to wake up this morning to the crisp cold of an autumn morning. I love the slightly sharp feeling at the deep intake of breath. I love to walk ever so briefly outside in bare feet. Talk about a wake up call...indeed.

I worked here at home yesterday to batten down the hatches for the oncoming winter. Got all the stormwindows in place. Found the little storm window in the bathroom that has to be attached by the old fashioned hooks at the top of the window. Then I had to store the screen in a place where I'll remember it next spring. I put a rug in the living room so the floor will feel warmer. I caulked outside a bit. I think I am ready for winter to come.

I brought in the winter appliances from my little storage building and took out the summer ones to store. Replaced the dehydrator with a juicer. I like to make my bendy crackers from celery and other veggies in the summer. I like to juice more in the winter cause I think its good to get the vitamins, minerals and trace elements from juiced veggies cause I eat more cooked foods in the winter.

I've been checking out Mark Bittman's new cookbook. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. It looks to be a really easy, good book to have for people who want tasty recipes but want to eat more vegetarian. (And come on...who doesn't?) I have his original book, How To Cook Everything and I enjoy it.

So, I'm outta here this morning to seek out some filter paper for my juicer and to enjoy this cool and delightful fall day.

See you later...


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