Friday, October 12, 2007


I don't know why but early in the morning I like to sit in a cafe with large windows, drink coffee, eat something yummy and watch people going by or those inside the cafe. It is one of my biggest pleasures in life. If it's raining multiply that by some large factor. God, I'm a simpleton. Easy, easy. That's just the way it is. Simple things please me.
Simple things, not simple people. I kinda wish it was the other way around.

Having traveled just a bit, I'm always happy to find a little eatery that has a somewhat European feel. Well, of course, nothing but Europe is Europe but I am pleasantly surprised and dumbly happy when I find a place that touches that "European-feeling" spot in me.

In fact, an ex boyfriend and I used to comb the cities we visited for just that perfect little place to sit and eat. We did that whether it was a city close by or in Paris. It was great fun.

Getting back to the present, there's a crepe place in Maryland Plaza that fills that bill for me. I think it's called Crepes and more or Crepes, etc. or some such. It's just across the street from Straubs and a bit further East. Easy to find. It's gonna be my new favorite place to sit with a cappuccino and baguette before I go to work on Sundays and Mondays, since I work in the CWE, presently.

I visited it twice in the last week and the joy I feel sitting in this type of place is almost indescribable. I don't really understand why I love doing it but I do. Last visit there were two people sitting near me; a younger woman and a more professional, business/creative-type guy. They seemed to be having a serious conversation and I made up such a great story about them in my head. Maybe that's what I like. I can sit, watch other people, make up stories and drink coffee.

The place is crisply appointed with lots of white, a huge chalk-board wall with all the offerings of the place and pretty darn comfortable chairs. The service is friendly and solicitous. But perfectly so.

Join me for a coffee sometime or visit the place when you have a chance. I hope it gives you as big a thrill as it does me. Simple, silly pleasures...thank God for those. I guess one must take it where one can get it.

Oh, and I'll be adding a photo at some point. Yes, I know Steve, take your camera! I must develop that habit.


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