Sunday, August 19, 2007


I sure wish I'd known earlier about the farmer's market in Tower Grove park. Actually, I did go there last season and somehow was not as impressed.
When I went yesterday, I was so enamored with the vendors, the atmosphere, the music, the foods available and the people that I decided to drag out my ratty old blanket from my car trunk and spread it out in the shade within view of the market where I could enjoy the remarkable tunes of singer/songwriter, Leslie Sanazaro.

I lay there enjoying the perfect air upon my skin, the unbelievable voice and piano playing of this young, lovely singer, and the milling about of the folks buying food, (organic produce, free-trade coffee, pastries, omelets, jams, honey) chatting together and just enjoying the morning the way people have done for centuries at farmer's markets the world over.

I felt a certain unnameable contentment. I wondered why I had not felt that the first time I visited but felt it so strongly this time. Then I just gave over to the enjoyment of it rather than figuring it out. It was such a pleasure.

I watched the dogs being led by their owners. Several dogs were in attendance, all on leads, and I found them interesting and enjoyable to watch. There were kids, many and especially little ones, who were running and chasing one another with gleeful abandon. There were moms and dads gathered in small groups discussing, I'm sure, everything from their kids to the neighborhood to what they were going to do in the evening. All in all, it was a picture of urban contentment and the simple pleasures that can be had on occasions like this.

I have a certain, somewhat variable, list of Saturday rituals that I do and I thought I'd add this to my list of Saturday certainly was one. Oh, and you've gotta Google Leslie Sanazaro to hear some of her tunes...she's amazing.

Til next time...hope you enjoy your Saturdays.


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