Thursday, August 02, 2007


I watch the news while I am here in the great northwest on vacation and cry for the people whose lives were altered hugely, if not ended.

We go along in life thinking that everything will remain as it is. It'll be all safe and the same as it was....SO not true. We can be whistling along having our fun and suddenly the Grim Reaper takes a swipe and badda boom, badda bing...we're outta here. We are gone to our final reward (or not)...sometimes it seems like life sucks. And sometimes it's so beautiful I simply feel like weeping is my only response.
It just makes it seem so important to me to do the things I love doing and not to worry about whether someone else approves or not.

Today, I spent the day shopping, of all things. I bought some new clothes (Goodwill new) and had a drive with my friend, Will, to the May Valley area just outside of Seattle. It was a fun and new experience so I, of course, enjoyed it. What a nice area to be in and so close to Seattle proper. Might be a good place for Ben and Rebecca...but they'll decide that.

By the way, they are off to Portland to see the offerings of that fair, apartments, houses, etc. When they return to Seattle they'll have some additional information on how they feel about Portland. They have big decisions to make...thank God they are their decisions, not mine.

Honestly, I long to be at my tiny, sweet, uncomplicated home to make all things right and to see what's what with people that I know. Those mysterious ones who hold my attention right now.

We always wonder what the future will be, don't we. We'll never know, of course. We just hope that it might be the interesting and very, very sweet things that reside in our dreams. The things that seem that, if we had them, how swell life would be. Not that we know, really, but it's the things we long for, isn't it? I think of smiles and eyes and words tonight...ahhh...the height of wonderfulness.

As I drove across the Montana plains the other day, I saw the electric poles staggering in haphazard rows into infinity and it gave me a feeling of being tiny, tiny, much happens in this big ole world that I simply know nothing's quite humbling.

So, until I return, I deeply enjoy the possibilities of tomorrow and respect the reality of today...and wish well to all those who love me and to all those who cannot.

Bless those souls who found their watery grave in the Mississippi river in Minneapolis and let their loved ones find some kind of comfort during their loss. always, thanks for taking a peek at my thoughts.


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