Saturday, August 04, 2007


If all goes as planned...I'll be sitting in my lovely little cottage this time next week (dammit!...since I have still not gotten tickets to Gillian Welsh, I won't get to go see her) but I'll be in the home of my heart. And I can attend to problems.
I love my tiny little cottage with all it's simplicity and sweetness. And, oddly, I miss St. Louis and my friends, acquaintances, kitty cat and all. I'll also miss my son and daughter in law when I return...since they'll be staying here.

But today I was able to enjoy the view of Mount Ranier as I drove down the highway...quite a sight! However, not like the sight of my tomatoes growing ever fatter in my tiny, little garden.

Happy, light and wonder-filled Friday night to you all.


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