Thursday, September 20, 2007


I was gonna do a post about how wonderful it is to hang out at my house and bla, bla. Of course, it is....

But at the last minute I decided to go to the opening of the Jump and Jive Club in Maplewood. I don't know whether to call it a club, a bar, a restaurant, a piano bar or what but good god 'o mighty. I went there by myself and by the time I left I was hoarse from singing and generally whooping it up.

What a great place to go to have a couple of drinks, some food and either be entertained with dueling pianos on stage or really get into the groove by singing and carrying on yourself.

The pianists were really, really good. Now, of course, they didn't do Bach or Beethoven but they did play really damn well and they did a lot of songs that are recognizable. And they were showmen. They got the whole place involved.

I ran into an architect who is an old friend and who did this club. It was nice to see him, talk to him and discover that he met and married someone..I guess it's never too late for those of us who long still for that kind of companionship.

Jump and Jive is just the most fun I could have with my clothes on. I haven't sung out like that for a long time. Just enjoying the groove of what's happening. It was such fun.

I heartily recommend this brand new place on the corner of Sutton and Manchester. These guys are going to have a lot of success with this venture. It's kinda old school and kinda today at the same time. I'll bet they end up franchising this idea all over.

I can only imagine going there with a sympathetic sweetie or a group of friends. I don't know if it would be more fun than I had tonight but I'm guessing it might.

How lucky for me to have this place open in near my house. I'm telling you..this place kicks ass.

If you wanna have some unselfconscious, down and out fun, its a great place to go.

Anybody out there wanna go, just let me know. I'm up for some inexpensive drinks...imagine...prosecco at 4 bucks a glass. Whatever! And a salad and some really great entertainment.

Fun, fun fun...that's all I can say.


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