Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Floors and More

Just a couple of things tonight.

1. I was sniffing around in my yard late this afternoon and came upon a four o'clock that I had planted this spring. The scent was intoxicating...heavenly. It was fresh and floral and exotic all at the same time. Such a simple little bush but with a powerful scent. I wish I could capture that scent but I don't know that even the big aromatherapy type oil producers can do that. It's elusive and divine.

I will never forget as a child sitting under the commanding bank of four o'clocks that our neighbor, Mr. Hastings had planted on the border of his yard. I sometimes went there to wait for a friend, whom I met halfway between our two houses. I would sit there waiting and suddenly become aware of the delicious and sweetly floral scent that enveloped his bushes. It was wonderful. So happy that my little yard has produced at least one...I hope it comes back next year and multiplies.

2. I just had a bamboo floor installed in my tiny cottage and I am in love with how light, fresh and clean it looks...a very nice improvement. I shall share a couple of photos (above) with you so you can see for yourself...I can't share the scent of the four o' clocks with'd have to be there for that. They open just at evening and begin releasing their wonderful scent.
But...back to bamboo...whaddaya think?


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