Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Where do we go when we dream?

Last night I had sad, disturbing dreams...about a kiss on the cheek from an old love and a confrontation with an old friend. I connected them in some bizarre manner at a movie theater and oh, I'm not going to go in to the whole thing.

Even though there was a little light in the dream, it was but a little. Most of it was sad and ineffective and hopeless. I wonder what part of my life is being reflected in this dream right now. Oh, I do "get" a big part of it and understand the why's and who's of the dream...what I don't understand is what direction it is pointing me toward. What change in my inner thinking is it asking? Is there some action I need to take?

Really, since it is my belief that basically the world exists within each of us, any action I'd need to take is strictly within myself. The state of my world outside my own self is the same. Nothing has changed because of any dream I've had. Or do dreams point to change? Perhaps so but just internal change, I'm guessing.

So, it's left me sad, disgruntled and generally feeling negative this morning. Time to exercise...maybe that'll help.

Just as 'a kiss is just a kiss'...a dream is just a dream. Nothing more. I must start remembering those things.

And bla, bla, bla...


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