Friday, November 02, 2007


I am finding myself pleasantly lost in the book I mentioned in my last post, Loving Frank. How wonderful. I highly recommend it and am finding myself reading it slowly to savor it. And...I haven't cried again although I am on page 157 : ) It amazes me how fragile I become when I am ill. I wonder if others become emotionally frail when they are physically sick?? hmmm. At any rate, I feel well and happy now.
So, if you are seeking an engaging book, please pick up this one.

Now, movies...I recently took myself to see Bella. What a sweet love story. Not the usual boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back kind of love story. No! There is something so much loftier and selfless here in this beautiful little story. Please go see it. Now in that movie I (and pretty much everyone else) cried..not from sadness, although there was some, but more because it touches a part of our hearts that makes us remember how loving and wonderful human beings really are. Go see it. It's not perfect and there may be a few parts that are a little weak but the story overshadows them. Bella is bella. A really apropo quote comes from that movie, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." It took me a moment but then I thought, how true, indeed.

Mexican restaurant: A lovely little place resides in the old Sunshine Inn, for those of you who remember that wonderful restaurant, on Euclid. Tortillaria Mexican Kitchen & Tortilla Co. has wonderful food, good drinks and it's cozy and clean.
I shared a meal with a friend there before visiting Body World.

Body World is a fascinating exhibit and worth every penny, in my book. I learned things about the human body that I truly did not know. Like that the bones in the ear are actually bones and they are the smallest in the body.

Well friends, I have more to say but must attend an event for someone in a couple of hours and have to ready for that.
Hope to share more later.

But in the meantime, thy them, movie and mexican food.

love you all...


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This is gorgeous!


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