Monday, October 22, 2007


Have a look at this yummy food.... Here's the platter of veggie food I shared and to the right is the bread that is used as a utensil.

What a treat to eat at a lovely Ethiopian restaurant. My friend and I had lunch there recently and I gotta say that I like ethnic restaurants in general but this one is particularly fun because you get to eat with your fingers!

Ethiopian food is one of the world's cuisines that uses a type of bread to pick up food and eat it. There are several cultures who eat with their fingers using some type of bread to pick up the food and put it into the mouth. This is what you must do at this restaurant because there are no utensils brought to the table. Oh, I suppose you could ask for a fork or spoon to be brought to your table but come on, when in Rome...or an Ethiopian restaurant, do as they do.

When you visit Meskerem Ethiopian Cuisine at 3210 S. Grand in the grand old city of Saint Louis, MO why don't you try the vegetarian platter, as my friend and I did. And go ahead and eat with your fingers...just pretend you're about 8 or 9 and you'll just do fine.

Enjoy the pictures my friend took of the delicious Ethiopian food here at Meskerem.

Should you want to contact them to see if they are open or to make reservations here's their phone number: 314-772-4442.

Happy dining.


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