Sunday, November 11, 2007


I think as we age it is really good to do something physical that
brings joy and dancing is a such a thing for me. When I am using my whole body and swinging in the arms of some less-than-young, its-experience-that-counts sweetie I'm usually just smiling to beat the band. I cannot avoid smiling, it seems. It is such an innocent pleasure. Yes, it is physical but for me, not so sexual. It is just a way that I can use my whole body in an activity that is pretty involving.

There is so much crap going on in the world that to abandon myself to the pure physicality of dance, and dance that takes some mental work as well, which contra and many other dances do, is a good reliever of the stress that comes from all the realizations that this crazy world might not be quite the world I'd like it to be.

Allow me to paraphrase the Iris DeMent song, Sweet Is The Melody: Dancing is for letting go of all the bad stuff and just feeling good. That is the effect it has on me and a delightful effect it is.

I think I used to use food to feel better about the things that I did not know how to change but I guess I've switched my addiction to dance. Maybe that's a better addiction to have.

At any rate, dance on on.

A photo for you that appeared in my yard today and about it I can say...

sometimes amongst all the others there is one.


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