Monday, March 22, 2010


There are two restaurants in town that I hadn't tried and one very new one. I think the two had been in existence for a while...but I just hadn't been to visit them.

The first is Sweet Arts. It's a bakery/cafe. What a nice little cafe...all vegetarian...on 39th street in the Grand area. I had a tasty veggie burger, so meat-like that half way through consuming it I had to go check with the counter person to make sure it truly was vegetarian. It was. This place also has a cupcake happy hour which I think is a nice touch. cute. : )

The second is Vegadeli. This is a small cafe in a strip mall on Olive Blvd. just off I-64 (Hwy 40) quite far from where I live (boohoo)...but worth the drive. I had a varied menu to choose from with lots of raw food dishes and I chose the mango burger. Just dandy! I enjoyed it with a few nicely roasted potatoes.

The third and very newest restaurant is Farmhaus on Ivanhoe very near where I live. They only offer lunch at this time and it's a "blue plate special" as in days past, where lunch could be fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and a salad all for one money. In this case it's ten bucks. I only had their salad (see photo) which they were happy to provide and which I enjoyed. On my second visit I added their green bean casserole...very delish, made with fresh green beans. I think they will soon have tables outdoors and will begin serving dinner. It's very exciting having another good restaurant using fresh veggies and local foods in my neck of the woods.

I wish all these folks much success. I enjoyed eating in each of them.

Monday, March 08, 2010


I am very excited about a new restaurant opening in my neighborhood. (And trying to forget about plumbing problems I'm having here at the old homeplace grrrrr...)
This new restaurant is not vegetarian, of course, but it does seem like the chef is open to taking care of us when we visit. I hope so.

I want to go with a friend of mine and know they are startin' up lunch this week but don't know exactly when.

One of my favorite things to do is to eat at the bar of a neighborhood restaurant. I have done it for years at Trattoria Marcella. They are in my neighborhood, they are wonderful and I can sit at the bar and know I will be taken care of. They always do that...pretty much without exception.

So...that's what I am hoping for with Farmhaus. I haven't seen their innards yet so I don't know what the bar situation is, etc. It would be nice if that could be an option 'cause I really like doing it...sitting at the bar, listening to the ambient sounds of people out to dinner, chatting with folks sitting near (if it seems the thing to do) that. I just enjoy the whole experience.

So, when I make it over to Farmhaus I'll let you know how it is.

Keep in touch if you're reading this.