Sunday, July 12, 2009


Peaches, peaches, peaches. Some fine edible wonder to love right now. When the peaches begin coming in I cannot seem to get enough.
I love them white, yellow, blush, any charming color that I find them in. Yum and more yum. Peaches/tomatoes = summer.

Yet, in this height of summer-y goodness and yummy edible-ness I find myself thinking fall and winter and wondering, once again, where I might go this winter...or if I'll go anywhere.

I find myself thinking about my friends in Tucson and wondering if I'll go there again. hmmmm....just don't know yet.

Maybe I'll do a Florida trip and stay there awhile.
I will never forget a trip I took to Florida where I ate at a state park that held a tiny restaurant with a shiny black griddle at every table. The server would bring a big pitcher of whole wheat and regular pancake batter and little bowls of goodies to put into the blueberries, nuts, chopped apples and several kinds of nice edibles.
You then made your own pancakes and could make as many as you wanted in any configuration with any combo of additions. It was great fun and the pancakes were tasty. Just outside the dining room is a huge spring-fed lake that was as clear as the water in my grannie's spring house and as cold as winter toes...not to mention absolutely beautiful. So, although Florida is not my cuppa tea for the most part, this memory makes me sorta want to go.

We shall see what we shall see.

If peaches are ripe in your neck of the woods, do yourself a favor and visit a farmer's market and eat a peach or two.